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Dr Godfried van der Heijden, PhD

Radboud Medical Center
Geert Grooteplein Zuid 10
6525 GA

Telephone: +31 24 361 3147
Email: Godfried.vanderheijden@radboudumc.nl

Team Members

Radboud University

  •  Godfried van der Heijen – Researcher

Improvement of and setting standards for clinical phenotyping, building structures to collect well-phenotyped patient groups, e.g. based on testicular histology.

Member Description

Human spermatogenesis is understudied. This stems among others from a scarcity of testis material carrying a defined genetic mutation. The application of WES on infertile patients cohorts in combination with access to testis material of these patients finally allows systematic probing of human spermatogenesis. In my research I am chartering the consequences of such newly identified mutations on germline homeostasis and transcriptional dynamics.


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Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research: Causes and consequences of de novo mutations in intellectual disability and male infertility (2016-2020).