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Welcome new IMIGC members and major website update

Our consortium has recently been expanded and we welcome new members Godfried van der Heijden, Stéphane Viville, Robert McLachlan, Kristian Almstrup and Lee Smith! With these additional experts joining our consortium we aim to further increase collaboration and data...

Launch of the IMIGC consortium and website

In May 2017 at the International Congress of Andrology (ICA) in Copenhagen a number of scientists met to discuss the formation of an international consortium focused on studying the genetics of male infertility. Various formal and less formal collaborations were...

Events in male infertility and human genetics

As one of our goals, we want to draw attention to exciting meetings, courses and conferences in the field of male infertility and human genetics. As one example, IMIGC co-founder Joris Veltman is chair of the scientific programme committee of the European Society of...

Are you working in the field of #reproductive #genetics? Are you interested in contributing to a special issue about this topic? Just do it!

The open access #journal @Biomol_MDPI will make it possible – get in contact for further information.

Proud to share the main result of our genomics study in male infertility on BioRXiV, and highlight our findings in a thread...
A de novo paradigm for male infertility

Special issue on male infertility genetics out @OAgenetics! Parts come from colleagues @infertilegenome and some from @MaleGermCells such as a current review on X-chromsomal factors:

Save the Date - next Monday, Dec 7th, we will host a symposium at #Andrology2020, this year's digital congress highlight!

Interested in 'Genetics in Male Reproduction'? Join us! Congress fees are only 99€/149€ - so take your chance and register here:
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Whole-exome sequencing already led to the identification of a multitude of novel candidate #genes in #infertile men. Together with @albertsalash et al., we can add three more to this list – TERB1, TERB2, & MAJIN.

Check out the #collaborative manuscript:!
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